Twin Pregnancy: The First 6 Months


How far along: 26 weeks. So happy to have gotten beyond the viability mark.

Size of babies: Both in 50% percentile for twins. At our last ultrasound they weighed in at almost 2lbs. 

Weight gain for mama: Wow, baby is all I can say! I have been steadily packing on the pounds and am up around 30 lbs. Yep, as much as would be required for a singleton at full term. With twins, I'm allowed to gain up to 56 lbs by week 38. Maternity jeans have been my best friend since week 11. 

Movement: Yes and it is amazing. Earlier on I couldn't tell if I was feeling flutters or not. I mean, what is a flutter and what is just your body? Finally on April 14th, I felt definitive movement inside and out after eating a strawberry tart from a French bakery. On the morning of the 16th, the husband also felt them for the first time. Since then we've even been able to capture their movements on video. I feel like space is running out so I have no idea how they are still able to flip around.

Sleep: I'm lucky if I can clock in 4-5 hours per night. Being forced to sleep on my side is doing a number on my hips and I wake up in pain. This is normally followed by a dance party in my belly. They are clearly preparing me for the sleepless nights ahead. 

Symptoms: Early in pregnancy I was lucky to escape nausea and just suffered from pure exhaustion and a constant hunger. Back then, I lovingly referred to them as my little parasites. Now, we've moved onto backaches and a feeling of fullness, pressure, and heaviness in my belly when standing or walking for long periods of time. And maybe some braxton hicks. I can't really tell, but the doctor sent me to the premature clinic in addition to all my other appointments. I also developed a horrible condition where I have inflammation in my chest cartilage so the 2nd trimester hasn't been fun. 

Twin Pregnancy & Other News

If you follow me on Instagram, you know we're expecting not one but TWO babies! After 8 long years and 5 losses, we've have been doubly blessed in a way we never even imagined. Each time I feel these little babies kick, I'm in awe. Of course, we're also a little terrified knowing we will have to deal with two newborns at once. 

Welcoming two babies wasn't enough for us so we decided to throw an international move into the mix. After weighing up the pros and cons of UK vs USA, America won. It just made sense for us financially when you take into account how expensive London is and the cost of childcare, housing, etc.  Plus the need for family support when we're completely and utterly sleep deprived. So we started the husband's green card process in January and he was approved a few week ago. 

I've been silent as the last few months have been busy with planning and organizing. My mother arrived last week to help deal with the movers and escort me back to the States so I can get set up with an OBGYN. The husband will follow in a few weeks after he finalizes everything relating to our flat. Our plan is to stay with my parents for the first few months while the house we bought last year has some renovations. Being at my parents also means the husband won't have to look for a job right away so he'll be on hand 24/7 newborn patrol as well. We couldn't ask for anything better. 

Real Life Sometimes Isn't So Pretty

Sometimes life just isn't like the glossy facade we all see online.


Take this Christmas for example. Even though it's my favorite time of the year and I have boxes and boxes of garland, ribbon and baubles, I haven't unpacked a single decoration. I had the flu and the next thing I knew, it was the second week of December and we were getting ready to head to the States. Unlike our annual Christmas visit, this one includes a medical aspect.


Not just my usual check-ups at my preferred doctors, but a frozen embryo transfer. The stress of worrying that my flu has impacted this highly scheduled event cannot be undone. We've been in preparation since summer and I've been on medication since October so it's all come down to this 'Hail Mary' attempt. You see, a few years ago after our first IVF, we learned some more complications that made me want to give up. So I did. I just couldn't keep doing it again and again. 


Then around two years ago, I was ready again. I got pregnant within three months and had another miscarriage. Rinse and repeat again a few months later. Then for the last year... nothing. Not so much as a second line on any test. Five losses and no living baby. It's hard. Really hard. So here we are preparing yet again. Will it work? Will this be it? Will this be the one time we can leave the hospital with a living baby?


So while I'm not caring about the decorations or presents under the tree, I am trying to be full of hope. It is the season for miracles after all. 

Miami Eats

Somehow, we've ended up in Miami several times this year. These are two of our 'must eat' places that I can happily visit over and over again. 

Bodega Miami Beach

Bodega is one of my absolute favourite spots to grab a taco. It's casual and served from an indoor airstream so it's the perfect spot to walk to straight from the beach. Their signs are also hilarious and change frequently. The one above says 'Pardon last night's drunken texts. Tequila is one chatty bitch.' At night, go through the secret door (a porta potty) into the lounge where drinks flow freely.

Versailles Miami

Versailles, the classic Cuban on all must do Miami lists. Don't let the line out the door frighten you, get in there, get your name on the list and wait patiently for some of the best Cuban food. The black bean soup is one of my faves. And don't forget to order a Cafe Cubano!